"Not to be Named" - HT18 Week 6

Hello Audrey,

I'm a third-year physicist at Keble - not to be named - and I'm struggling to impress a lady-friend of mine. She's not my girlfriend or anything. Just a lady-friend. But, O, how I wish she were. I'm not sure what I've got to offer; she's great. What can you suggest?

Darling, the best way to a woman's heart is through her laughing oesophagus. All the biggest lovers in history were funny men (and women). Romeo had that belter of a line about cross stars and wore hilarious tights. I swooned just thinking about the chucklesome rascal! In fact, when the play was originally published in 1597, half of Elizabethan audience lost temporary use of their spleens, just from the strain of swooning and then laughing, and then swooning some more! Great times!

That's what you need to do with this lucky gal - chirpse her with a chortle.

Why not take her along to the Oxford Revue's Funraiser show on the 28th of February in the City of Love, London. You can treat her to a show, free travel, a two-course meal and a free club night with a student deal I'm going to offer you young love birds (and all students). Who knows, if you win our free raffle to win tickets to Hamilton - maybe that will be date number 2!



Oxford Revue