Interview: Adam Husain


Adam Husain is the co-director of Oxford Revue Presents: True Love and Other Nonsense. He sat down with me, Auntie Audrey, for a cosy chat about the show over biscuits, fruit and Auntie’s favourite coco powder.


Q: So, Adam, what’s the idea behind this new show?

A: Well, Auntie let me ask you: have you ever been disappointed in love?


Q: Once – but it was an awful long time ago. And Berlin in the 20s – the cabarets, the flappers – it was a whole different world…

A: So you know what I’m talking about! The pain, the anguish and, above all, the humour of true love – that’s what we thought it would be fun to write a sketch show about. And there’s a fair dollop of nonsense in there too, for good measure.


Q: Nonsense?

A: Oh, you’ll get to see a meeting of the West Cheam Parish Anarchists’ Association – and a Brexit-hungry Calligula. That sort of thing.


Q: What’s your fav joke in True Love?

A: Oh, Auntie, you’ll have to wait and see! But - let’s just say it involves the Chariots of Fire theme song and a paper mâché egg…


Oxford Revue Presents: True Love and Other Nonsense runs in 5th Week at the BT. Be there if you’re nasty. Xx

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